Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Andrew, and I like to think. A lot. Some people say too much.

I'm a displaced northwesterner currently studying on the East Coast near D.C.

I like to live adventurously and take charge of my life, though I'm still learning how to do so.

My greatest desires are to know God and understand man, often through the proxies of nature and technology.

I seek broad experiences and knowledge, and try to see from and understand other perspectives.

The future is uncertain. Winning takes winning today.

I can be contacted directly by email >here<.

Here's a rough timeline of some of the crazier things I've done within a narrow window of my life:

  • Graduated from homeschooling, without an "official" diploma, or a GED
  • Dropped out of a community college
  • 9 day, 5 state western US road trip with family
  • 4 day, 1000 mile road trip to Banff, Alberta
  • 3 week, 22 state winter road trip with trucker friend I'd not met in person
  • 6 month, 29 state bicycle tour, solo
    • stayed with strangers
    • slept in cemeteries and rest rooms
    • reached 43 miles per hour on my bike
    • discovered the joys of traveling by bike without brakes
    • sprained my wrist and ended up at a college
    • chased off wild pigs from where I then slept
  • 1 week, 3000 mile trip back home with friends
  • broke contact with a girl I got along with just fine
  • stayed up 21 hours straight on my 21st birthday, bought an Airsoft gun in the middle of the night, and loaded it in front of Walmart
  • 3 day canoe camping trip with friends
  • 3 day backpacking trip with friends, to 7200' altitude
  • 3 day bus trip across country
  • Started attending an unaccredited Christian college
  • flew, for the first time, solo, half way across country to a friend's wedding
  • 3 day winter bike camping trip, 3500' high on the Appalachian Trail
  • Started lending $3000 of camera equipment to someone who didn't know how to use it (yet)
  • 13 day, 6 Southern state tour with school choir
  • Stayed in one place without a night away for over 3 months straight
  • 6 day tour by bike, foot, bus, train, and metro to WV after tiring of staying put too long
  • 9 day, 17 event, 3500 mile choir road trip to Miami, Florida

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