Thanks To:

Mom and Dad - for all that parents are to be thanked for - namely for providing me with nearly everything I could need, for working hard to prepare me for life, even when the effort was not recognized or appreciated. And for supporting me in my crazy ideas, in spite of potential reluctance, or fear for my safety. 

"Aunt" Beryl - for providing me with a job before I even knew I needed one, for surprising me by becoming one of the strongest supporters for my bike trip, with a reminder that "...I would be disappointed if you ended up not going...".

Elwyn - for being an amazing and unrivaled good friend and mentor in the fairly short time we have known each other, for serving as an inspirational catalyst, for helping, encouraging, instructing, and disagreeing with me whenever necessary. And for generously providing photography equipment I would be unable to afford otherwise.

Grandpa Dave - for being always ready to give a brutally honest assessment of my latest photographs, for reminding me to pay attention to what makes or breaks a shot, and for reminding me that there are other ways of looking at society and the world around us.

Stateline Church friends - for being a constant encouragement, by example, to continually strive onward and upward, for the personal interest, patience, and kindness you have shown me, a semi-deliberate misfit.

God - for placing an impossible dream in my heart which could not be killed for the world, and which, in spite of myself, is drawing me towards you. For protecting and providing for me thus far, with the promise of more and greater in the future. "Great is thy faithfulness..."

Samuel and Julia - for showing me that true friendships can exist, even across vast distances, and sometimes irregular contact.

Adventurers, such as Emmanuel Gentinetta, Don Watson, Rolf Potts, Alastair Humphreys, Darrin Alf, Andrew Foresthoefel, and many others - for giving me inspiration for my travels, whether through direct correspondence or materials produced about your own adventures.

Men such as Daniel, Paul, John Wycliffe, Tyndale, Martin Luther, James White, the Nebblett family, missionaries of the past, and MANY others past and present, who, in setting aside their lives for the truth they had been given, have lent clarity towards a vision for a higher purpose, a nobler aim...

Petr - for helping with routing and planning, for giving me the opportunity to travel a distance approximately similar in length, but in 1/10th the time, and for reminding me to be thankful - and say so!

Mr. Duffield - for taking a particular interest in my trip, lending me old equipment, advising me regarding logistics and planning, and talking about your own ride so many years ago, as well as other non-travel topics.

And to many more people, whether we are acquainted or not, who have helped me in more ways than I could imagine, and may eventually make it onto my list as well.

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