Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trip Photos Up to Date

So, to those who, knowing I take my camera everywhere, and am capable of taking half decent pictures, were expecting a well documented photo-journal of my trip, I apologize.. I've not felt like taking infinite numbers of pictures, so I simply haven't. That and going from two lenses to one, and not having the one lens I would find most useful (I think).

But, I'll share what I have here.

West central Montana

Windshield wiper fluid was frozen, and the spray from the road was greasy, but we had to live with it.

Wind swept road

Notice the truck is upside down, and the load is undisturbed.

Minnesota ice houses

We were a day behind a big snow storm

This was in Iowa. Didn't see any freezing rain, but apparently he did.

Georgia. Yeah, a bit of a skip. Why the forklift was tied to the tree, I don't know.

The dreamliner.

North Carolina

Just north of the Florida border.

There was a motorcycle accident. I saw a guy on a stretcher, and no fewer than a dozen people, more than half a dozen vehicles at the scene.

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