Monday, January 28, 2013

Writers Block

So here I sit, hands on keyboard, ready to compose some wonderful and eloquent piece of socioeconomic commentary. For the last week I've been really itching to write something, to keep this blog rolling. After all, what is a writer who doesn't write? and what is a blog that is never updated?

Alas, I am utterly and completely lacking in inspiration regarding subject material. I have ideas, but they are not sufficiently captivating my mind at the moment to produce any readable material. In the last week I've had no less than 3 strong ideas for posts, but in every case I was unable to act on the inspiration before it slipped from my mind, and once gone, it can only be revived on it's own whim. I made an attempt at starting over with the best of my ideas, and got fairly far along, but the resulting material just felt forced, contrived, unnatural, lacking in flow and direction, not having a clear idea on what I was ultimately trying to say..

And so, that idea is frustratedly cast aside, to not be touched again except by a completely new and equally captivating revival of the same or similar sentiment.

Oh, but why must inspiration be so elusive? Why is it that I cannot simply pull a subject out of a hat, and sit down and write my piece? Why is it that inspiration never seems more elusive than when I try to act on it, and record my thought? The fact that may surprise many is that it was coming up with what to say, not so much standing in front of a large group of people, that caused me to have so much difficulty in speech class.

Perhaps it's a matter of experience.. maybe with more practice my mind will flow more freely with ideas, my thoughts, past and present, will be more easily accessed, so that I can work from my entire history of thought, rather than merely the exact moment.

Reading up on the lifestyles of famous authors shows just how desperate the breed tends to be in chasing after that elusiveness, and clarity of mind and thought. Some would rise early in the morning, before the sun would rise, for the quiet and calm that exists at that time of day. Others would write late at night, for the same reason. Still others would wake up in the middle of the night, as they found that their sharpest hour. Schedules and order frequently get thrown out the window, as inspiration will virtually always strike while one is doing something else. And what good does it do to have ideas which one can never act upon?

Oh, I can come up with ideas on the fly.. but making them flow? That is a different matter entirely.. How can I preserve those ideas? How can I best act on the fleeting inspiration that comes? How can I improve my writing, if ideas never come at times when I can develop them?

Maybe the answer is that whenever I want to write something but cannot come up with something to say, I should look around for something else worthy of my focus, which has probably been captivating my mind quite effectively, just on a more subconscious level.. Maybe if I do this enough, the wheels of thought will be sufficiently lubricated, that writing will become much more natural, something that can be done without having to put hours and days of thought into the specific matter before hand, carefully preserving the idea till the right moment comes to act on it..

Well, not bad for a blog post on a subject matter picked out of a hat.. Maybe I can make this work after all...

I'd best get going.. Until next time!


  1. Although, to be strictly honest, this topic has been more or less captivating my mind for the last week, so picked out of a hat wouldn't necessarily be the most accurate description.. and there are also only so many times a person can write on the same subject matter before it becomes redundant. So finding that inspiration still proves difficult, only perhaps not as difficult as could be imagined..

  2. Hahaha! Somehow your last comment made me laugh. Well written post about not being able to write anything.. :P
    It is somewhat confusing tho,to know when to push forward in doing something without inspiration, and when to stop and wait for that inspiration, or even, as you said, find something else that we are thinking about, that might have been put on our hearts for a purpose.

    And BTW, I didn't get an email notification for this post. So apparently it didn't successfully sign me up. I'll try it again...

    1. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. :D

      I'm subscribed, to make sure it works the way it's supposed to, and I got the email within 15 minutes of posting it, so yeah, it appears you're not subscribed..

  3. I resubscribed after, but it said I was already subscribed. :S o well, I guess I'll just wait and see if it worked this time.