Saturday, January 19, 2013

Always There

Always There

Lord, when I feel alone,
You are always there.

When I am happy,
You are always there with me.

When all seem turned against me,
You are always close by my side.

When I refuse to listen to you,
When I want nothing to do with you,
You are always there waiting.

When out of desperation I seek you,
You're always there, drawing me to your side.

When no one can understand,
When no one cares to listen,
When I simply cannot put my thoughts to words,
You're always there, knowing exactly what I mean.

When I dream of the future,
When I try to do things on my own,
When I worry about the problems of tomorrow,
You are always there to support me, even when I don't know my need.

When I am actively seeking out evil,
When I chase after my own destruction,
When I throw all righteousness aside,
When I have no desire for any good thing,
You are always there, waiting for my return.
You are always there, begging me to return.

Lord, when you call to my heart,
I refuse to listen.

When you show me your love,
I turn away my eye.

When you give to me your words of inspiration,
I turn from them as though they were nothing.

When you give me directions on how to live,
I ignore them, and do what I feel is best.

When you tell me to care for your children,
I go do my own thing, and leave them to suffer.

When you show me your unfailing love for a fallen world,
I shirk the burden of responsibility.

When you set my task before me,
I run away and hide.

When you show me the path of life,
I whine and complain that it is too hard..

Father, forgive me for my indolence.
Forgive me for my stubborn selfishness.
Forgive my persistence to do evil.
Forgive my indifference to your extended hand..
Forgive me for my pride and arrogance, thinking I have a better way.
Forgive me for my carelessness in dealing with others.

Help me to be obedient.
Help me to let your love shine through me..
Help others to see you through me.
Help others to see you instead of me in my interactions with them.
Help me to submit totally to your will.
Help me to stand for right though the heavens fall.
Help me to fear only your look of disapproval.
Help me to only ever and always seek your face,
That through my hands your work may be accomplished,
Through my lips your words may be said,
Through my feet your message carried,
Through my life your love shown.

This is my prayer, that through me, in spite of myself, your name may be praised forever.

- Andrew Hendrickson, December 2012

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